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    BARTERA is a Scottish nature-friendly shaving brand that will lead men's stylish style and healthy lifestyle.
    BARTERA creates men's grooming products that combine the traditional British herbal therapy with the professional spirit of local barbers to Korea.
    Main Products
    From teenagers who are unfamiliar with shaving to men who want better grooming, join BARTERA Shaving & Skin Care products.

    Comfort Shaving Cream

    Contains 27% plant-derived ingredients and 7% organic shea butter
    It is a cream that sticks to the skin the more you rub it with your hand, and as it adheres perfectly to the skin, the razor blade cuts less skin.

    Multi-Action Shaving Foaming Oil

    Contains 48% plant-derived ingredients
    It's a shaving oil that gradually turns into microbubbles when it encounters water.
    Because of the tight particles, the surface of the skin is less cut, and even if you have acne-prone skin or poor shaving, you can safely shave while checking the contours of your face with your eyes.

    All In One Gel Moisturizer

    Contains 8% plant-derived ingredients and whitening & anti-wrinkle ingredients
    It's a skincare product that you apply at the final stage after cleansing and shaving.
    It's a non-sticky gel type and performs the functions of toner, essence, and lotion at once.