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    VANITABLE is a brand for skin care in the 20s and 30s, meaning that it's the only my vanity table with its own fragrance.
    1) Hydrating Booster All In One :
    It's an intensive care all-in-one (skin + essence + lotion) that supplies moisture and nutrition to the skin through the dual balance moisturizing effect of probiotics and 5-fold hyaluronic acid that helps strengthen the skin barrier and the active ingredient in the capsule. #All-in-one #Skipcare #Applying lactobacillus #Booster
    2) Hydrating Cream :
    It's a moisturizing cream that Jeju Camellia flower extract and probiotic ingredients help strengthen skin barrier, and 5-fold hyaluronic acid is a moisturizing cream that provides step-by-step moisturizing care. #Hydrating #Skipcare #Applying lactobacillus #Moisturizing cream
    3) Firming Sleeping Cream Pack :
    It's a sleeping cream pack that provides step-by-step moisturizing care with Jeju camellia flower extract and probiotics ingredients that help strengthen skin barriers, and contain 5-fold hyaluronic acid and 10% shea butter ingredients from Africa. #Highlighting #Skipcare #Applying lactobacillus #Sleeping cream pack