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    LUNABELLA's Cream and Essence are the bridal cosmetics used before bridal make-up that last a long time and are effective for blemishes, whitening, and wrinkles.
    Using Jeju's natural Ecklonia, make probiotic cosmetics with no skin irritation and attractive scent.
    LUNABELLA cosmetics are products that combine toner and lotion in a cream. After applying the cream, apply the essence.
    So in Korea, it is also called “Inverted Cosmetic brand”.
    Activity Probiotics Cream
    Anti-wrinkle cream with rich nutrition.
    Probiotics, which are excellent for reinforcing skin elasticity and skin barrier, balances broken skin balance.
    Activity Probiotics Essence
    A refreshing formula essence that supplies energy and elasticity to the skin.
    It has good penetration to the skin and is absorbed quickly and restores the skin's natural health without stickiness.