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    Spreading the beautiful wisdom of Jeju’s nature, Jejuindi
    Jejuindi is a cosmetic brand that strives to connect people with the benefits of Jeju’s nature and spread beauty around the world.
    At Jejuindi, we cultivate all the plants used as ingredients for our cosmetic products. Our farm is located in eastern Jeju within Ilchulland, one of the most significant ecological parks on the island.
    Cultivating our own ingredients requires immense effort, but to provide healthier and safer products, we feel that it is a must. Our farm is filled with camellias, tangerines, and indigos grown by Jeju’s pure sunlight and wind.
    Main Products
    Jejuindi promises to provide only the best of Jeju’s nature for your healthy and beautiful life.

    Poly Indigo

    Moist Gel Cream, Jjok Mask Pack, Moist Mist, Moisture Bubble Serum, Hand Cream


    All-In-One Wash & Shampoo, Body Cream

    Indi Bebe

    Baby Lotion, Baby Oil, Baby Shampoo, Baby Soap Baby Sun Cream